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Golf Carts are for Everyone

Golf Carts – No Longer a “Cart for Old Men”


Whether you have a vast expanse of property out in the wilderness like the Robertson clan from ‘Duck Dynasty’ or just a healthy appetite for adventure, you can look no further than this classic motoring staple to fulfill either need. The golf cart is no longer synonymous with stodgy old men in retirement who play a round of golf because football is a death sentence. With innovations like lift kits for golf carts, it has been reinvented into a piece of machinery that can go off-roading with ease. Imagine having something so simple to operate while taking care of yard work, going for a jaunt in the countryside or just showing off to friends because, heck, your golf cart can now be qualified as badass. Hop on your golf cart and get moving! Continue reading

The Family Adventures of DIY Camping in a Thunderstorm

My family really wanted to go camping last summer and decided we would go to Cape Henlopen so we might camp, visit the beach and fish all at the same place. Our children also really enjoy the hiking trails located throughout the park, which is best when they are tired of the boardwalk. Because it was off-season, we were able to get a camping site right away. We packed our camping gear, some hiking and fishing stuff and we were on our way. When we finally arrived, we were shocked when we opened up our tent to see gigantic holes that were in it. All of us questioned how this might happen until we realized we allowed our neighbors to borrow our tent and they must have gotten caught in a storm one night. We, however, did not wish to turn around and head home but we couldn’t  find a store that offered camping tents in Delaware that was within a 20-mile radius. It was then that we knew we needed to get innovative. Continue reading

Making Spring Break Program Must Not Involve An Old, Tired Rusty Automobile


Instead of taking the typical spring break vacation to the beach, my friends and I determined that a road trip to the west coast was the very best way to start the summer. We chose to leave from my friend’s apartment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the promise land that is Las Vegas, Nevada. Stuffing more food than clothes we loaded up in a small two-door car that has more rust spots than actual paint. Nevertheless, we were on the open road with a destination that included booze, great food, gambling, and females. Continue reading

Picking the Right Hiking Devices Before Going on a Camping Trip

You’ve decided you’re going to backpack across America and live out all your Woody Guthrie dreams. But you only have a L.L. Bean knapsack from tenth grade, some old hiking boots and some camping tent that has more moth holes than you thought feasible. Before you plan for your trip, nonetheless, you may wish to get some supplies. By getting some quality hiking equipment in order to live easily as you camp across the country, you can get ready for your adventure and feel confident while going out into the world. Now you just have to choose the right equipment that is perfect for you. Continue reading

A Excellent Looking Clothing Is Always Fantastic Motivation To Workout More

Does it matter what clothing is to be used when engaging in yoga? Well of course it does – yoga exercises are about loosening up the mind and body. How can that occur effectively in uncomfortable garments?


Your yoga clothing ought to give you room to maneuver with all the different types of yoga moves done, which may involve turning, turning and stretching. Elastic product that moves with your body is ideal. The material may also differ based on exactly how extreme of a workout routine you are planning on. Particular materials will have a wicking home that allows for rapid evaporation. Continue reading