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The Nuts and Bolts of Nuts and Bolts

Whether you’re involved with construction or furniture building, or have never held a tool in your life, fasteners are crucial to your day-to-day convenience. As the name implies, a fastener takes two things and keeps them together. Simple, right?


Well, not quite. Fasteners come in all sorts of sizes and types. Screws and nails are technically fasteners, although are typically not referred to that way. In many cases the type of fastener used can be easily determined, especially in the context of kits. Continue reading

Building and Construction

I hope you’re ready for an enlightening and educative experience in building and construction, because what you’re about to receive is a crash course in nuts and bolts of all kinds, and their specific uses.


First up, hex nuts. Hex nuts, short for hexagonal, are screws with a six-sided nut that locks the screw in place. These are perhaps the most universal of the nuts, and are used on an everyday basis by both construction experts, handymen, and ordinary moms and dads. Continue reading

Versatile Tarpaulins for Protection Against Elements

A tarpaulin canvas is essential for those who like to spend time outdoors for a hobby, or for gathering debris from a maintenance job for easy cleaning, or even for covering car when parked outdoors. The tarpaulin canvas is a sturdy fabric that has many uses than can be counted. They are versatile almost for any use in or out of your buildings.

For a hobbyist, tarpaulin canvas is an ideal cover for the area of hobby. Besides, it can be used as a cover for boats, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, sports equipment, workout gear, and other items. They can be used as an awning so that you can work outdoors in harsh weather. It is ideal for making tent for camping where people can get shelter against cold, snow, rain, and hot sun. Also, the tarpaulin canvas is ideal for construction work to cover tools, vehicles, and materials under storage. Continue reading

Equipping your At-Home Welding Shop

Working in a fabrication shop you will see a lot of processes being used to turn simple pieces of metal into a usable piece for a customer.  Using techniques like cutting, bending, forming, assembling, and welding, the final product could look nothing like the original piece of metal.  Some consider it an art to be able to visualize the final product, and use their skills to achieve it.  The majority of the things that we use in our daily lives has been processed and assembled into what we now see.  Continue reading