Rethinking Coffee

While a cup of coffee on its own might not be the most original gift idea out there this holiday season there is still a lot that can be done to make it a special gift that is sure to delight whomever receives it. The best part of a coffee cup gift is that the person receiving it doesn’t even have to like coffee to enjoy the thought behind it.

Many of the coffee cups holiday shops sell can be personalized with special drink mixes, spoons, or perhaps a small stuffed animal placed inside the cup. What could be more adorable than Rudolph offering you some hot chocolate? Coffee cup gift ideas like this are just the beginning! With a little bit of creativity on your side even the best holiday mugs can be transformed into something unique and fantastic.

When giving coffee cup gifts to friends and family it is often easier to find some way to personalize the gift and make it special to the recipient. If you are trying to prepare such a gift for someone that you do not know very well it is often safer to go for a more generic winter or holiday season theme which unless the person is a bit of a Scrooge, is sure to delight them all the same!

The cup or mug that makes up the primary vessel of your gift can be fancy, plain, ceramic, or even plastic. If you aren’t sure how coffee in plastic cup situations might go, take care to select a cup that is very thick and sturdy and is less likely to crack. Major retailers have started to create and sell coffee cup plastic models that are safe to use, so if you are at a loss of how or where to find such a cup for your gift, check out what they have to offer and see if it is something that you can work with.

Coffee cup and mug gifts can be easily adapted to the person who is receiving them based on the sorts of things they are interested in. For a small child, a plastic cup filled with crayons or colored pencils tied with a colorful ribbon would be a wonderful and much-appreciated gift. For a busy mom why not include a collection of small notepads and colorful pens for making notes and lists? The possibilities are nearly endless!

When it comes time to make your gift truly special, consider how you are going to wrap and present it. Many layers of tissue tied with a ribbon is a popular wrapping style, as is placing the mug and any other accessories that go with it in a gift bag and padding the whole thing with colorful tissue paper. If you are pressed for time and running low on creativity a very nice gift box wrapped in a festive paper and finished off with a bow is always a safe alternative that will look great for any occasion.

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