Building and Construction

I hope you’re ready for an enlightening and educative experience in building and construction, because what you’re about to receive is a crash course in nuts and bolts of all kinds, and their specific uses.


First up, hex nuts. Hex nuts, short for hexagonal, are screws with a six-sided nut that locks the screw in place. These are perhaps the most universal of the nuts, and are used on an everyday basis by both construction experts, handymen, and ordinary moms and dads.


Depending on the job being done, hex head bolts vary in size and shape, but the hexagonal head stays consistent.


A nylon lock nut is used for more heavy-duty jobs, and can fasten screws in tightly and efficiently for maximum security and durability.


For even greater security and added strength to your washer insert, serrated flange nuts are great for keeping your washer in place and creating an extremely sturdy locking action that will hold nearly anything in its proper place, preparing it for abuse, wear and tear.


A nylon lock nut will take your ordinary hex nut to the next level, and will use nylon-securing action to hug the grooves on your nut and bolt it into place.


Stainless steel hex nuts are amongst the most popular of the hex nuts, primarily because of their finer appearance. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to see a rusty or gray nut jutting out of the wall, or coming from a fine looking piece of cabinetry or furniture. Stainless steel nuts possess that professional, refulgent shine that will have your cabinetry, furniture, or doors looking new, and these nuts are made of the highest quality materials that will protect them from rust and other possible damages.


Last but not least, meet the heavy hex nut. The heavy hex nut is the heavyweight, powerful alternative to the ordinary hex nut, and is often used in construction and industrial settings, with heavier weights, larger projects, and thicker materials and tools. Heavy hex nuts are thicker, tougher, stronger, and generally larger than your standard hex nut, and will hold a greater, larger load. These nuts are available in all shapes and sizes, as well as with specific glosses and color coats such as bronze and stainless steel.


Whatever your construction or home repair or building needs, a hex nut can assist you in your work, and the variety of nuts and bolts available in all shapes and sizes can assist you in completing any job you need.

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