Put Your Faith in Public Storage Auctions

If you’ve seen the recent flood of junk-diving treasure hunters on reality television lately, then you know that there is money to be made in what others have forgotten or simply undervalued. All over the country, storage units are opened up for auctions to be held on the belongings therein, their previous owner having failed to live up to his or her commitments. Their loss is your gain, but first you have to find the auction to make your profit.

You could poke around the web, searching for a directory that has a list of storage auctions. That isn’t as reliable, though, considering that free storage auction listings are often incomplete: not every storage unit manager thinks to list their auctions online. Your best bet to get a storage auction listing is to contact actual auctioneers in the business and find out when they’re working. They may have a mailing list or a particular website they post public storage auction dates to.

Texas is well-known for its storage auctions, and its large cities – with so many people moving in and out all the time – have lots of forgotten storage units waiting to be auctioned off in public storage auctions. Dallas, for example, is a massive sprawl, being several cities in one, and offers lots of opportunities to make a profit off migrants who can’t be bothered to pick up their junk in storage.

Storage auctions in San Antonio can often equal the auctions in Dallas, though you want to make sure you aren’t getting anything that can be damaged by heat. It is, after all, pretty hot down there! When it comes to storage unit auctions, San Antonio is a great secondary market in Texas, and you’d be a fool not to pay attention to when and where they’re being held.

You may be thinking to yourself, “I can’t do this! What kind of job is a junk diver?” The answer is, a great one, if you are wily enough to get all the information you need to make it happen. If you are lazy when it comes to tracking down leads, getting dates and times straight, and keeping a regular itinerary of traveling to cities and their countrysides in search of storage auctions, then you won’t get ahead. If you’re willing to pound the pavement, make the phone calls, and scour the web, you can make a tidy profit and enjoy yourself in the process.

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