Golf Carts are for Everyone

Golf Carts – No Longer a “Cart for Old Men”


Whether you have a vast expanse of property out in the wilderness like the Robertson clan from ‘Duck Dynasty’ or just a healthy appetite for adventure, you can look no further than this classic motoring staple to fulfill either need. The golf cart is no longer synonymous with stodgy old men in retirement who play a round of golf because football is a death sentence. With innovations like lift kits for golf carts, it has been reinvented into a piece of machinery that can go off-roading with ease. Imagine having something so simple to operate while taking care of yard work, going for a jaunt in the countryside or just showing off to friends because, heck, your golf cart can now be qualified as badass. Hop on your golf cart and get moving!


Lift and Support


 So what is a lift kit exactly? I’m glad you asked. A lift kit is an aftermarket modification that can be made to almost any golf cart which provides a convenient method to give extra height to your golf cart. This additional height now allows for a wider wheelbase and larger tires, which in turn allows your cart to handle rough terrain. Some of the features found in these lift kits are the extended drive axle, frame stiffener and suspension connection, which are all bolt-on pieces and require no welding. Simple to install, exceptional performance is the result.


Convenience and Luxury


Once you have your lift kit installed and an incredible looking cart, just add some golf cart mirrors to finish off the package. No longer do you need to strain your neck or awkwardly posture just to back out of the driveway. These side mirrors plus your ez go lift kits equal a truly pleasurable driving or off-roading experience. Can’t afford your dream cart yet? There are now many sites that offer golf carts for rent while you save your pennies. Plan your next event with golf cart rental in mind – not only as a manual labor saver, but as additional entertainment for your guests as well! Once you have the perfect golf cart, maintaining it is a breeze. Golf cart parts and golf cart accessories for ez go brands are available at the touch of a button. Make your next hunting excursion, garden party or every day activities a gratifying experience for all involved – get on a golf cart.


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