Equipping your At-Home Welding Shop

Working in a fabrication shop you will see a lot of processes being used to turn simple pieces of metal into a usable piece for a customer.  Using techniques like cutting, bending, forming, assembling, and welding, the final product could look nothing like the original piece of metal.  Some consider it an art to be able to visualize the final product, and use their skills to achieve it.  The majority of the things that we use in our daily lives has been processed and assembled into what we now see. 

A fabrication shop is ideal for large projects.  But what about smaller at-home projects?  A lot of people like to work in their own garages or shops.  They will seek out building, fixing, or any other opportunities that arise which allows them to hide out in the garage for endless hours, using their skills, creativity, and hands to create their final work of art. 

While skill and creativity is a must, so is having the right equipment.  Having the proper set-up not only ensures that you will have what you need, but it also ensures that you stay safe.  If we were to look specifically at welding, we have to pay attention to the extremely high temperatures and hot sparks that are involved.  Aside from the obvious safety supplies that we would need, such as eye protection and gloves, we also need to consider the equipment that we would need for the project.

For someone who likes to work on their cars in the garage, MIG welding may be the best way to go.  It is an easier, faster, and cleaner way to join pieces of metal.  In a welder’s at-home shop you will find certain pieces of equipment, aside from the safety supplies previously mentioned.  You will want to start with gas welding regulators, or a MIG welding regulator, to tell you if you are getting the right amount of pressure for the perfect weld.  After all of your hard work, you want the final product to be as well-done as possible.

In addition, if you are using gas cylinders to weld, you want to make sure that they are secured at all times.  A cart is a good way to store them, but in order to secure them you will want to use something that will allow you to move them as well.  Some of the best ways to secure the cylinders is to use  4” winch straps, cargo ratchet straps, any heavy duty ratchet straps, or manual strap winch.  Another option is to go with heavy duty industrial ratchet straps.  No matter which you choose, always remember to ensure your own safety first.       

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