Life Insurance in the Time of Cholera

When you’re traveling abroad there are any number of reasons to be anxious. After all, just about anything could go wrong when you have so many moving parts. The flight, the hotel, the country you’re visiting and all of the dangers it contains: why wouldn’t you be nervous?

Fortunately, insurance can help soothe your nerves and concentrate on what’s really important: enjoying your vacation. When you travel abroad health insurance is essential. Your domestic health insurance isn’t always valid when you’re out of the country (in fact, most times it is not). That means that if you need medical attention when you’re traveling, you’ll have to pay out of pocket unless you have valid health insurance for that country.

Health insurance for travelers is essential if you want to avoid local hospitals whose standards may be lower than what you’re used to. When you’re traveling, health insurance can keep you out of dodgy situations where the doctors and nurses aren’t always as well-trained as you’d like, or medical practices and beliefs aren’t always in keeping with the latest science.

Important as it is to look after your health, travel insurance is still relatively affordable, and certainly more affordable than what it would cost you to attend a Western-style hospital without proper insuranceĀ  when you travel. Trip insurance is the only way to keep yourself from either going into deep debt, or ending up hospital that you’d rather never think of again.

Health insurance aside, though, sometimes things can go terribly, terribly wrong. The plane could go down, a car could be run off the road, or you could catch a disease and go untreated too long. Regardless of the cause, death is always possible no matter where you are. For that reason, accidental death life insurance is a way to help lighten the financial burden your death would put on your family. At the very least, it can provide the funds for the transport of your body back home, as well as its burial. It’s the least you can do, really.

Don’t let this all put you off traveling. The world is a big and wonderful place, full of incredible people and strange new cultures. Don’t let it pass you by because you’re afraid you could be hurt or fall ill; the same thing can happen to you at home, and with the same likelihood. Instead, realize that it pays to be prepared for all eventualities, and illness and injury are some of the more common eventualities. Insurance can take away the fear of ‘what if?’ and replace it with the certainty of ‘I’m ready.’

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