Solid Wood Furniture

Redecorating can be a daunting task, regardless of how easy Extreme Makeover makes it look. Your first goal is to figure out a style you’re looking for; aimlessly buying furniture in various styles will make your home look haphazardly thrown together. Getting complimentary furniture is a must, and should be high on any redecorating agenda.


While many associate wooden furniture with the stuffy atmosphere in their grandparents’ house, wooden furniture has long been one of the prime materials for home decorating. In the modern era, however, plastics, metals, and particle boards dominate the furniture scene. As a culture we’ve forgotten the intense beauty of real wood, artisan-crafted furniture.


Solid wood furniture may cost a bit more than a plasticky, particle boarded piece of furniture from the major chain stores. The price difference, however, is easily made up in the quality of the furniture’s construction. Wooden furniture is sturdier and and lasts longer than the cheaper alternatives.


The intense beauty of a home decorated in handcrafted wooden furniture is unrivaled. A solid wood dining table with matching dining room chairs will be a focal point of your room. Add in a wooden display hutch for your fine china and you’ll have a room even your friends will be jealous of.


In your living room the television is one of the main focal points. While most tv stands are made out of black PVC-covered particle board, you can find excellent solid wood options for your plasma tv stand. For the coffee table you can go with a solid (but decorated) piece, or get one with glass inlaid on the top to get both the right look while providing a visual shimmer.


Getting custom office furniture will bring a warm, natural look to your office. One of the side effects of the natural office look is that it is a much more relaxing environment to work in. Imagine going home to your family without the tense jaw-clench or the dull thudding of your temples.


The best part about buying artisan-built furniture is that you know you’re buying American made furniture while supporting handcrafted arts. When it comes to hand-built furniture, no one does it better than the Amish. You can find Amish furniture in Michigan or Pennsylvania, or practically any state in between.


Whether you go for the curved wood look of mission style furniture or the solid handcrafted Amish furniture, you will love having the all-natural wood atmosphere within your home. From kitchen dining room tables to bedroom dressers.

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