Our Wild Ride Of A Wedding: Getting the Perfect Pieces for Our Big Day

My wife and I are a bit eccentric. When we chose to get married, we wished to plan a wedding unlike any other, so we decided on a destination wedding in Alaska. The ceremony was planned to perfection, but we wished to make sure the reception was unique as well. She and I chose to find fun, odd pieces to include in the reception.

The cake was red velvet with white icing, but we wished to make it really pop. Our concept was personalized bride and groom cake toppers. My fiancée and I went to the studio to have our pictures taken and had our photos created into a pair of bobble head cake toppers! I was happy to purchase them.

After we had our pictures taken, my fiancée wanted to look at a few of the other adjustable wedding prefers. She found a personalized stemless wine glass that she thought would be perfect for her bridesmaids. She chose to get them on the spot so they could be customized well in advance of the wedding.

I pointed out some toasting glasses for weddings, and she fell for them immediately. The selection consisted of several glasses with various colors and designs, and we simply couldn’t resist.

We also found some cool wedding place card holders, which we thought was a far better choice than just placing a card on the plate. After we made a decision on the placeholders I coaxed her out to avoid spending much more money!

With every passing day our wedding drew nearer, but there was still so much planning to do. My fiancée wanted to give our moms and dads some sort of a gift to thank them for their love and support, but we just weren’t sure exactly what to give them. She went online to see the condition of our personalized wedding cake topper and some small wedding favor boxes we had bought. I suggested that we provide them each a box filled with photos and mementos from our wedding.

There was still something missing, however. Because our wedding was fairly small, we wished to send everyone home with something really unique. We didn’t want it to be too traditional, however we also knew everybody appreciates a beneficial gift. At first we thought about giving everyone personalized wedding glassware, however then we chose not to because it would need to survive the plane ride home. We eventually chose to give everyone gloves because it would be chilly in Alaska.

The wedding ended up being a big hit! Our photographer was even able to use a Polaroid camera for a few pictures so we could give our parents the memento boxes as soon as possible. The band we employed was outstanding (and knew a lot more punk music than we expected!).

Our cake toppers were the centerpiece of our wedding. Everybody complimented the cake toppers and asked us where we got them. Everybody cracked up as my wife and I gave out gloves as a wedding favor. We’ll definitely remember our wedding for the rest of our lives. Heck, we have plenty of odd keepsakes around your house to remind us!

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