How I Found a Wonderful Place to Worship

I finally relocated to California for my dream job! As a creative design manager at a five-star hotel, my job is developing advertisements, marketing events, composing press releases, and even organizing concerts and parties within the hotel. When I moved I had everything prepared and it was a fairly simple transition. When Sunday came, though, I had understood I had to find a church.


My church in my hometown was ideal for me because it was small, close-knit, and many of the fellow worshippers had known me for my whole life. Since we were so close, I was able to take an active role in my church as well. Being in the choir and working as a teacher’s aide in Sunday school was a remarkable experience. I wanted to continue having an active role in a church however wasn’t sure how to take the first step.


I wanted to find a church that provided a similar community and opportunities. Moreover, I wished to be in a church with a similar purpose as the one in my home town. There, we were concentrated on missionary work and being a great Christian Monday through Saturday, not simply on Sundays. I knew there were lots of Baptist churches, San Jose Baptist among them, that shared my beliefs. However I wished to make sure it was the right fit for me.


One day at my job, I was speaking with a coworker and she told me about her church. It was an independent Baptist church. San Jose was where it was located, and they focused on missionary and evangelical work. I was thrilled to learn it was not far from home and I can actually participate in organizing trips and Bible camps for children. I decided I would go to the following Sunday and see if it was for me.


On that Sunday, I drove there with my colleague. She explained that the pastor focuses on expository preaching. San Jose was not a location I anticipated to have a big population of Baptists but I was thoroughly surprised by the amount of followers at this church. There were at least 300 worshippers attending that Sunday. It was nice to see there were others with similar ideas and beliefs.


Eventually it was time for us to take our seats. I sat with my friend, and before I knew it, I fell for what the pastor had to say. He talked about how we need to always try our best to be the church instead of merely going to it. By motivating followers to take an active role in church, he said, the church will become a stronger, more helpful part of the community. As soon as it was over, I walked up to thank the pastor and determined to join.


Now that I have joined I handle and organize each of our purpose journeys. So far I have planned a journey for Haiti and the Philippines this summer. I have also been able to help our Sunday school teacher arrange a summer Bible camp. Ideally my experience will inspire others to find the right church and become more knowledgeable about their faith.

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