Moving to Central Pennsylvania to Start A Community Supported Agricultural Farm

My family and I have decided to move to Pennsylvania. We go to the Amish country area ever summer and have fallen in love with the country. We are from Edison, New Jersey and want to consider houses in York, Pa as well as Lancaster and much of central Pa. My children are a bit reluctant to move to the country because they are used to being able to go to New York City every weekend and do not want to be bored. I assured them that Amtrak has plenty of trains going to and from New York so they won’t miss a beat. They are still trying to find excuses to stay in New Jersey. While I understand, my husband and I have always wished to own a farm and think this is our chance.

At first we went to several open houses in York, Pa and open homes for sale near Harrisburg, Pa. We have seen lots of adorable houses in Wrightsville and Hellam but we wanted to consider some Harrisburg homes for sale so we can be close to the city and our children will not miss New York City as much. Harrisburg has fantastic city life but lots of rural areas with hiking tracks, parks and farmland we could explore. No matter what, my husband and I decided we would search for homes for sale, Central Pa or even in Berks county so we would have plenty of space for our farm.

My husband and I want to have a Community Supported Agricultural farm (CSA) but before we can do that we should find a minimum of ten acres of land. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to start growing without community support. We are searching for houses for sale in York, Pa because we have seen how tightly knit the areas in York are and hope to use that to our advantage. Thankfully, we won’t be moving there without knowing anyone. If we are able to move to York, we have a few relatives in Bainbridge that will help us connect to the community and we will hopefully be able to begin farming sooner rather than later.

Between the two of us, we have a degree in agricultural science and business. I took agricultural science at Penn State before moving to Edison to be with my husband. Now that our children are almost grown, we are trying to live out our dreams. This worked out perfectly since I could manage the farming and he can properly sell and manage the business end. He has also been able to find terrific real estate in York, Pa. Since he has been doing the lion’s share of the house hunting, I have been able to concentrate on the devices and supplies we need to start our farm. While I can not wait to see all the houses for sale in York, Pa and other areas I am more excited to actually begin growing all the plants and preparing the business for a lot of area supporters.

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