Readying My Son for The Big Move to Preschool

Readying My Son for The Big Step to Preschool


I have put my son into a Montessori school for next semester. He will begin school at age four and he is so excited. I, however, am becoming a bit more concerned. I had no idea that they required so many specialized devices and materials in order to do the lessons effectively. I also never knew how expensive they could be. Luckily, I was able to go online and find the best school supplies at a fraction of the original cost. Now my son can go to school with everything he needs and I do not should stress over him being left behind.

Finding economical Montessori materials can be a challenge. There are some Montessori outlet stores however they are often quite a ways away which can supersede their discounts. By going online, I found plenty of websites contained a Montessori catalog and other Montessori services. Since several of the sights offered so many  a lot of affordable Montessori learning materials, I was able to get my son a few Montessori toys also . Some were as simple as wooden educational toys but his favorite so far is the world map puzzle. Hopefully these will get him even more excited for preschool.

First thing was first, though. My son required Montessori math supplies. While he is just four, they wish to get him accustomed to the materials so he will be prepared for when he learns math. They also wanted him to become accustomed to grammar symbols as well as a puzzle map. Though they seem toys to him, they will help him learn English and Geometry well before the lessons start. Montessori material and supplies have appeared to be a fun way for him to learn. Although my son is only four he has also started reading and will be able to take advantage of all the school supplies .

The next and most fun thing I got to buy was the Montessori art activities. My son and I had a blast looking at all the Montessori art projects! I got a few extra so he could do some prior to his school year started . With his art supplies he has let his imaginative side come out and I am thrilled to see how he blossoms as he goes through school. While it will be a huge step for him, my son is not scared to attempt new things and he is not shy at all. I’m sure he will find plenty of new friends and succeed scholastically.

Montessori materials, preschool or otherwise can be found at a great price and will still be effective in educating your children about the world around them. Not all children could prosper in a Montessori school but for some the educational system can be a unique and fun experience – something I think all children are entitled to. If you think that Montessori school is the best option for your child, by just browsing online for a discount Montessori supply store, you could find the ideal supplies for your child without having to spend a lot of money.

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