Kitchen Cabinet Knob War: Don’t Try This At Home Unless You’re Battling It Out For A Kitchen Remodel

I recently became addicted on home improvement television shows particularly because I have been nagging my husband that I wish to renovate our kitchen area. It only makes sense that I view these programs to get new ideas and principles for when I finally get the opportunity to upgrade what I want. It’s about time for us to revamp our kitchen with Top Knob hardware, decorative hardware drawer pulls, and various other crucial kitchen hardware that need remodeled. Whenever I see shows that take an existing kitchen and spruce up everything from the devices to the kitchen cabinet hardware I get extremely jealous and I try to convince my husband that he should let me spend a couple hundred thousand dollars on a remodel project. He does not understand since he rarely spends time preparing food in our dated kitchen.

The other day I came home from work and all of the kitchen cabinets had new cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls. My husband had actually replaced our existing knobs with mismatched drawer knobs. It seriously looked like we were living in a drawer depot that focused on all the styles and kinds of cabinet pulls. My husband thought it would be fun to change the little things in the kitchen that I complain about by putting the most random styles of kitchen cabinet pulls that do not match. It obviously wasn’t what I had in mind when I revealed my need for a brand-new kitchen but I didn’t dare make a big issue about the knobs since that’s exactly what he wanted, a negative feedback. To my surprise he selected Amerock cabinet hardware, which was precisely what I desired in our house however, I would decide to have the drawer pulls match (maybe I’m crazy).

After my spouse’s prank I decided to change all the cabinet pulls in the garage to really toss him off and see how he likes it. When he pulled into the garage that night I couldn’t quit chuckling to myself. I was simply picturing exactly what those Richelieu decorative hardware knobs look like in that filthy garage of his. He walked into the house without saying a word. I wasn’t sure if he noticed them or if he was choosing to let it go as the war continues. That night I caught my husband in the act of taking the drawer pulls off my wardrobe and chest of drawers making it almost impossible to obtain to my garments. Instead of making a big deal about it I was already computing and planning for my next attack. This war was far from over. It just begun!

That next day I called into my husband’s work and convinced them to get my husband stuck in conferences all day, which wasn’t too hard considering he had a ton of conferences set up that day anyway. They let me come in and I went to work removing the knobs from his work desk as well as the doorknob from his office door. I left all the hardware sprawled out on his work desk with a note that said “surrender now and give me the kitchen remodel I’ve been asking for. Love, your lovely wife.” Needless to say when my husband came home from work that night he gave in. I can finally get the kitchen cabinets, knobs and pulls, and various other hardware that I’ve so frantically been defending.

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