Making Spring Break Program Must Not Involve An Old, Tired Rusty Automobile


Instead of taking the typical spring break vacation to the beach, my friends and I determined that a road trip to the west coast was the very best way to start the summer. We chose to leave from my friend’s apartment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the promise land that is Las Vegas, Nevada. Stuffing more food than clothes we loaded up in a small two-door car that has more rust spots than actual paint. Nevertheless, we were on the open road with a destination that included booze, great food, gambling, and females.

The vehicle we were driving was much to be desired, so we chose to take the drive one state at a time to give my friend’s car a much needed rest daily. This indicated we went from dumpy hotel room to rooms that might also been a shabby shack that would generally be found deep in the woods someplace. Regardless the stops were a requirement so we could possibly avoid the car and relax.

We had actually finally hit the last few miles of Missouri and realized that most of our betting money had been invested already on food from many truck stops along with paying the bill for all the hotel rooms we stayed in along the way. Our friend Nate, who owns the vehicle we are riding in, decided to keep going full speed ahead in hopes that we could make it into Colorado before we stop at a hotel room once again. This way we ‘d just need to travel through Utah and parts of Nevada till we hit our final destination. Going along with his choice we pushed forward with the rest of Missouri and Kansas just stopping for gas, bathroom breaks, and to switch drivers. Sleeping in shifts was the very best method to keep going and was the only way we were going to get anywhere.

It was my turn to get behind the wheel. Before I knew it I had actually crossed into the state of Colorado, nevertheless while everybody else was sound asleep the worst began occurring. I observed that the vehicle had started smoking but decided to let it go since it wasn’t a considerable amount to wake my friends up about. Quicker than I anticipated the car had overheated. Pulling onto the shoulder I woke everybody up and told them to seek out Denver auto repair shops that were in the area. We lifted the hood and attempted to identify exactly what the trouble was and came to the conclusion that it must be the transmission. I pulled out my mobile phone and looked into Denver transmission repair, and Denver auto repair to discover somewhere where we can get the car dealt with before anything else occurs to it. We called a handful of garages that do transmission repair in Denver however numerous of them just weren’t open or were too away from where the vehicle quit. Doing the only thing we could in the existing scenario, we determined to eat the remaining junk food we had in the vehicle and rest until the closest auto repair shops in Denver opened.

We ultimately go the vehicle to the shop where mechanics fixed the transmission. Needless to say, we made it to Las Vegas. Sadly, the vehicle was not going to get us back to the east coast. Our spring break trip ended with a flight paid for by our parents.


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