Blue Poly Tarps Are Not Just For Moving Poly Tarps Can Help You Move, Build and Beat the Heat

It’s summertime and your children are bored. They don’t have school and it is 105 degrees outside. Your air conditioner simply broke and everybody is following the oscillating follower in your living room. While you guys do have a sprinkler, it hasn’t been use in years and dribbles when it is plugged in. The next-door neighbors have a pool however ever since you saw them speed walking as a family you’re just uncertain ways to feel about them. What will you do?

Well there are those blue poly tarps in the garage from when you relocated a couple of years ago. There are additionally those massive hay tarps that you used when you were a farmhand in Colorado. That white poly tarp is also out there; perhaps it can cool everything down in some way. Then it strikes you— slip ‘n’ slide!

With just a hose, dish soft and maybe some tarp straps you could have a homemade slip ‘n’ slide. While the classic blue poly tarp is wonderful for this summer DIY task, brown poly tarps, heavy duty poly tarps even {heavy {duty hay poly tarps are terrific for making a substantial slip ‘n’ slide for the entire family. The large canvas tarps are not good for slip ‘n’ slides sadly. Since it is not covered in slick material like typical poly tarps they will not be as slippery or slick when soaked in water. White tarps might be most effectively for slip ‘n’ slide because it reflects heat so the water and your children will stay cool while they slide down the hill. Rubber tarp straps could be the best for slip ‘n’ slides since they will hold the tarp best when soaked in soapy water. They will also keep the spikes in the ground much better that can hold the tarp in place.

But how will you clean up you poly tarps after you’re done? Just hose the blue tarps until it is not sudsy and then let it dry on your lawn. When it is dry you could fold it and put it back in your garage until you are ready to use it once again. Because white poly tarps or blue poly tarps are so simple to construct and dismantle your family can use it every day throughout the summertime. This will be great for the dog days of summer when you do not wish to build something intricate however merely want to cool down.

There are numerous stores that have poly tarps for sale. There are wholesale poly tarps along with retail tarps readily available so you can have a large slip ‘n’ slide that will last for many years to come and can be used for numerous various things.

There is one of the easiest solutions to beating summer heat. With simply a few household items such as body wash, a hose and a blue poly tarp you can have a blast with your family and friends without spending a huge amount of money or leaving your home.

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